CIMSERT - the Critical Incident Management System Emergency Response Toolkit - is a “paint by numbers” emergency response tool that is designed to enable organisations to effectively prepare and respond to major disaster events, such as earthquakes.


Many organisations are starting to realise that their staff and visitors may not be able to fend for themselves in the period following a significant event. And, unfortunately, most written Emergency Manuals often create more questions than answers.


CIMSERT is a manual “pocket and card” task allocation system. Tasks are predetermined in order of priority and allocated as required. The system does not need electricity or computer software to operate. CIMSERT can be operated by any staff member after training. This provides peace of mind for key personnel knowing there is a simple and comprehensive system all staff can use. ​


By implementing CIMSERT clients have a greater knowledge of their facility and are fully engaged in pre-planning emergency response specific to their site





During the initial consultation, CIMSERT will discuss your current emergency response system. We will give you an overview of CIMSERT and how it could be applied to the emergency risk assessment for your site. This overview will identify which CIMSERT model will work best for your organisation’s development options, implementation, training and approximate timeframes.



CIMSERT will help your organisation create a disaster toolkit of task cards and task instructions specific to your facility and staff. We provide templates, expertise, guidance and support as we assist you to develop your CIMSERT toolkit. This does require a level of commitment on your part, but the depth knowledge you receive is one of the key benefits of the CIMSERT process.


CIMSERT has a range of options for training your staff. Critical to the process is an initial briefing to all staff on CIMSERT before the process starts. After completing your CIMSERT system there are two training options:

Option 1: CIMSERT conducts the training for you

Option 2: We take key personnel through a train-the-trainer programme for your team to deliver CIMSERT training in-house.


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"If you are thinking about making sure your staff are prepared for any emergency this is the system you need." 

Helen Anderson, Nurse Unit Manager,  Boulcott Hospital

"Using CIMSERT helps us to feel secure and we know that our staff are trained to manage the best that they can in any disaster situation."

Alison Eruera, Administration and Support Services Manager, Wakefield Hospital